Business Representation

If you’re an existing UK or international business seeking to establish a presence in Lincolnshire – or an international business looking to move into the broader UK market – BusinessLinc provides a comprehensive representation service for your company during the research, planning, start-up and early stage phases – and for longer if required.

These services are bespoke to your specific circumstances/requirements, and provide very flexible options that can save you time and money whilst benefiting from our extensive local/national knowledge and contact base.

UK Clients

For UK-based clients, it may be that you’re looking to establish – for example – a new branch in Lincolnshire, and need professional representation ‘on the ground’ in the region – undertaking initial feasibility studies, researching grant opportunities, liaising with property agents, building contractors and local authorities, attending meetings, project management, ensuring compliance and adherence to schedules, assistance with staff recruitment, etc.

Or perhaps it’s a short-term project based in Lincolnshire that you need to get up and running quickly, and want to work with a highly capable, well-connected local facilitator who will ensure that every aspect of your requirements is undertaken with the utmost care and diligence, whilst keeping a careful eye on budgets and timescales.

Overseas Clients

For overseas clients, BusinessLinc provides an extensive range of services and operates on a nationwide basis – enabling you to establish a UK presence without the early-stage costs of having your own employees based in the country.

These are just some of the many ways that we can assist overseas clients:

1 | Performing Due Diligence

Before entering a new market such as the UK, it’s critical to understand what the full impact on your business will be. We can assist by:

  • Preparing a market segmentation analysis to determine if your product will sell in the local market.
  • Preparing a product gap analysis against local products.
  • Performing a SWOT analysis against competition.
  • Considering market opportunity/sizing.

2 | Developing a Strategy and Business Plan

Each market has its own variables due to economic, cultural, governmental, and market conditions.

We can help you to develop a localised strategy and business plan that drives local success whilst remaining integrated with the overall corporate strategy and objectives.

3 | Establishing a Local Team

Many large companies try to launch with executives from the overseas parent company, or rapidly build a local team from scratch. This is time consuming, can be risky, and slows time to market.

We can help you to find proven senior interim executives that will allow the company to hit the ground running, quickly validate assumptions, and drive key readiness initiatives whilst the company hires the right senior management team.

4 | Product Readiness

Based on the product gap analysis, we can work with you to take the necessary steps to market-ready your offerings to achieve high-impact product differentiation.

5 | Organisational Readiness

Cultural differences, whether it’s language, regulations, or customs, requires a business to be flexible in the policies and procedures implemented in an international operation.

We can help you to adapt your existing policies and procedures so that they are fully in line with UK business conventions.

6 | Establishing a Go-to-Market Strategy

To ensure the effective selling and marketing of your products or services, we can work with you to formulate a comprehensive, cohesive strategy that addresses sales strategy, sales delivery, branding/value proposition, marketing strategy, marketing programs, and pricing.

7 | Legal Readiness

In any overseas expansion it’s critical that strong legal processes are put in place to minimise unnecessary commercial risks. Additionally, in the UK, overseas companies carrying on business here [i.e. setting up a ‘UK establishment’] are bound by the the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009, and must comply with a number of strict requirements regarding registration, disclosure, and periodic submission of accounts, etc.

Together with expert legal advisers, we can work with you to ensure compliance with all relevant UK legislation affecting the set-up and early-stage operation of your business.

8 | Tax and Finance Readiness

The proper tax and finance infrastructures need to be set up early on to ensure that you are receiving timely reporting and that your overseas business is adhering to local corporate policies and procedures.

Together with expert accountancy advisers, we can work with you to ensure robust management accounting processes are established and maintained, and that your business complies with all relevant UK legislation.

9 | Preparation of your Final Budget

Results from the above steps should provide sufficient data to develop a final budget that is ambitious yet attainable, and we will work with you and your local team to assist with preparation of this.

10 | Establish Close Relationships with Local Businesses

We can help you to gain a strong competitive advantage by creating a supporting ecosystem of complementary products and services via third-party relationships with the best local suppliers.

We can help with sourcing, benchmarking, and commercial negotiations.

We can provide all of these services and any others that you may require – and we’re happy to engage with your [prospective] customers/suppliers as either ‘BusinessLinc working on behalf of [your business]’, or in a fully integrated ‘white label’ capacity where we effectively become part of your in-house team for a period of time.