Sales Development

Sales, and the resulting revenue generated, are the lifeblood of every business.

Without sales leads being generated, and new customers being acquired, over time a business will contract and competitors will seize the opportunities to increase market share at others’ expense.

We work with clients in all sectors to identify the right type of work to profitably grow their businesses, and assist with the formulation and execution of plans to acquire customers with the desired profile.

The BusinessLinc approach is simple and straightforward – we become an extension of your in-house sales and marketing effort, providing knowledge, capability and resource to generate more leads, more customers, and increase profitable sales into the right areas.

Our services include:

  • Identifying where your business wants to get to and what it needs to do to achieve this.
  • Reviewing current sales and marketing performance, and how this is impacting on the business.
  • Assessing performance of any advertising expenditure.
  • Identifying and benchmarking the competition.
  • Improving marketing literature and sales proposals.
  • Ensuring that any website is well written and constructed, and is working effectively.
  • Identifying the type of work sought, the preferred geographical area[s], and the desired customer profile.
  • Improving sales processes, tools and CRM systems and developing robust KPIs.
  • Advising on, and assistance with, bidding for tenders and other larger sales opportunities.
  • Advising on, and assistance with, recruitment of sales staff.
  • Advising on sales team structure, territory planning, performance management and incentivisation/reward schemes.
  • Where appropriate, assisting refocus towards a more consultative and solution-led sales approach.
  • Producing a plan to deliver profitable business growth under the criteria identified, and assisting in execution of the agreed plan.

Outsourcing Sales Management

Temporarily or permanently outsourcing sales management is becoming increasingly popular, and may be worth considering if the following applies to your business or organisation:

  • You’re looking at ways to reduce costs and are interested in alternative strategies to improve operating efficiencies in the sales department.
  • You’re ‘between’ sales managers and are having difficulty finding a suitable candidate.
  • You are the owner of a start-up or small business and do not require a full-time sales manager due to the size of the operation, but still realise the importance of having a professional sales strategy and assistance/support with sales activities when required.

We can act as your sales director/manager for an agreed period or on an ongoing basis, and are able to work ‘behind the scenes’ and/or in a front line customer-facing role undertaking key account management, etc.